Wet Blue Splits and Hides - Professional Crust S.p.A.
Wet Blue Drop Splits

Wet blue splits, hides, crust

We offer items for every production requirement of our customers, in particular we sell:
  • wet blue double butt splits
  • wet blue drop splits
  • wet blue culatta splits
  • wet blue bottom splits
  • wet blue shoulder splits
  • wet blue belly splits
  • wet blue hides
  • crust
  • semi-finished
The leather that we trade has various origins, mainly Italy, Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Wet Blue Splits Selections

Our wet blue selections

All of our items are carefully selected based on defects, thickness, size.

In this way we can provide specific items for different types of production (leather, footwear, clothing, gloves, suede, printed, etc.).

We are able to offer a full variety of items. They range from items suited for tanneries which produce for big fashion brands to items for a very cheap production.